The New Magic
Worm's Eye View

A selection of pieces recorded for "Bird's Eye View" (ZF2403LP). For reasons good or bad, these tracks were deemed unfit as parts of the puzzle. While some remains are better left buried, others, like these, deserve a chance at life.

Teodor Elstad - upright bass

Filip Zenon Ramberg - drums

Martin van Houtum - pianos, organs and synthesizers, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, percussion, vocals

Written, arranged, produced and mixed by Martin van Houtum.

Recorded at Battle View Studio and various other places, 2021-2023. Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo at Dude Ranch Studio.

Front cover illustration and details on labels by Karaska Design: "Only Lovers Left Alive". Graphics and layout by Yvonne Rystad. Photography by Martin van Houtum & Yvonne Rystad.

Executive producer: Petter Flaten Eilertsen.

Label logo design by Tuva Fenstad Kleberg.

For Kasper.


Formater: Vinyl
18. okt. 2024
Label Zen Feedbacker
Katalognr. ZF2409LP
EAN 7041889514663
PPD 150,-
File under:
Pop/rock  ›  Psych rock  ›  Pling Plong  ›  Ambient & Drones
Side A:
1. The Arrival
2. Music for Fungi and Sheep
3. Comma

Side B:
1. Land of Moons and Masks
2. Pine & Mahogany
3. Anywhere