Kjetil Brandsdal, Thore Warland
Get Next

GET NEXT is the fourth installment in an ongoing LP series on Drid Machine Records, featuring hand assembled and foil stamped Procédé Heliophore covers, in homage to Philips’ Prospective 21e Siècle series of electroacoustic and avant-garde music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. In addition to the foil embossing and screen printed information, this cover features paper marbled covers making each cover a totally unique object in itself. Attempts have been made to best match each marbled vinyl with the individual covers.

Shortly after releasing their debut album, Stavanger 11/12.6.2021, on Drid Machine in March 2022, Kjetil Bransdal (record players/sound effects) and Thore Warland (percussion/sound effects) began to record new material. This session introduced a new approach towards their music and resulted in the LPs RECORD PLAYERS, PERCUSSION AND SOUND EFFECTS I and II, both released in 2023 on Drid Machine Records/Hærverk Industrier. GET NEXT expands on yet also finetunes some of the ideas explored on these two albums. This new LP consists of 6 long tracks relying heavily on broken records and uniformly spaced beats.


Formater: Vinyl
15. jul. 2024
Label Drid Machine Records
Katalognr. DMR38
PPD 150,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental  ›  Electronica
1. Pastorale: Part 2
2. Lip Relief
3. 4th Feeble Movement / When?
4. Murfed Up
5. Benefits & Savings
6. Get Next