Second album from Norwegian group Zenon, led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Filip Zenon Ramberg.

'Arven' also features vocalist Michelle Uller, and Martin van Houtum on bass. Zenon has a unique sound rooted in the early 1970s Nordic psychedelic rock, traditional folk music and jazz. From fuzzed out heaviness, via breezy folk jazz, to introspective, moody acid rock ballads. The Norwegian word arven translates as the heritage, and lyrically the album explores themes of family and tradition; ”There is a long bloodline of musicians in my family, and a particular 'something' – a musical and psychological heritage, within which I am trying to find my voice”.

Limited edition of 300 copies.


Formater: Vinyl
14. jun. 2024
Label Sekvens
Katalognr. SKV002
PPD 125,-
File under:
Pop/rock  ›  Folk
1. Vitne
2. Minne av et nå
3. Hav
4. Ingen lærer
5. Gå i stjerne