Sondre Lerche
The Sondre Lerche Songbook: Two Way Monologue

The Sondre Lerche Songbook
“Two Way Monologue”

A new collection of sheet music, lyrics, and guitar tablature for all songs on Two Way Monologue + the bonus tracks!

Format: 190 x 250 mm
Cover: Two colored silk screen print on 350 g. recycled brown board
Inside pages: One color black on 170 g. Munken Pure
White spiral-bound
Pages: 36


Formater: Books & Zines
04. okt. 2024
Label Lerche Avatars
Katalognr. 978-82-693759-0-9
EAN 9788269375909
PPD 215,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Indie