Punk Royale

It’s been 20 years since we released our first album, Punk Royale. It was only released on CD, but now in 2023 we have released an anniversary edition on vinyl with help from Mad Butcher Records, Punkebjartes Punkeplater and The Panic Room Studio who did the re-master. A few words from us in the band regarding Punk Royale: This album is our own coming of age story. We were in our early twenties and we lived and breathed Blisterhead.

We met so many people, played so many stages in so many countries, slept in so many weird places because of, and thanks to, Punk Royale. It was our own door to Europe, experiences, friendships and adulthood. We didn’t know that back then of course. We were busy, driving way too far, to play these songs way to fast, for food, beer and gasmoney. Thank you to everyone who share a memory with us or with this album. This is were we started. This is the sound of unity.

-Blisterhead, 2023


Formater: Vinyl
31. des. 2023
Label Punkebjartes Punkeplater
Katalognr. PBPP 014
PPD 125,-
File under:
A1 B-Boys Bop
A2 I've Got A Feeling
A3 The Sound Of Unity
A4 On Parole
A5 Small Town Rebels
A6 Hey Boys
A7 All Dressed Up
A8 I Don't Wanna Be Working Stiff
A9 Rudest Tune
B1 Radio Riot
B2 The Statement
B3 Enjoy Me Now
B4 I Don't Wanna Go Home
B5 I'm A Cop
B6 The 79
B7 Wild Nights
B8 Get Ready For The Show
B9 Friday Nigh