The New Magic
Bird's Eye View

The New Magic is the music of Martin van Houtum, and whoever he invites along to play with him. Based in Oslo, Norway, the producer and multi-instrumentalist has been knee-deep in music throughout his entire life. You may have heard him in a number of different groups, past and present: Den Kosmiske Overorden, Zenon, Wind, The Abaia Magic - to mention a few. He has spent years exploring different instruments and sounds, eventually learning that the studio itself, and the art of song crafting, is his favorite instrument of them all.

The album “Bird’s Eye View” is the fulfillment of his creative vision. Initially conceived as a foray into ambient and minimalism, somewhere along the way it took some detours towards baroque pop, exotic island music and cosmic psychedelic explosions. Brian Eno meets Brian Wilson? Harpsichord meets breakbeats? Zelda meets FM synthesis? It’s all there!

Thematically, the lyrics broadly touch upon the passage of time, the natural world, and the many possible struggles of being conscious.

Featured here are the very special talents of Per Kamfjord (vocals), Filip Zenon Ramberg (drums), Teodor Elstad (upright bass) and Morten Smith Lien (tenor and soprano saxophones). Leaving the remaining instruments to Martin, the end result is a record unlike any other - a truly special statement, and a must-have for any serious music lover.

Limited edition of 200 copies on super marble vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

FFO: Dungen, Brian Eno, Ghosts Of Jupiter, Terry Riley, Brian & Dennis Wilson...

LP LTD Super Marble

Formater: Vinyl
15. mar. 2024
Label Zen Feedbacker
Katalognr. ZF2403LP
EAN 7041889514601
PPD 150,-
File under:
Pop/rock  ›  Psych rock  ›  Pling Plong  ›  Ambient & Drones
Side A:
1. Moving Sky (7:19)
2. Sink/Soar Forever (3:51)
3. Deep Blue Sea (4:37)
4. Soft Marble Dance (2:11)
5. Future Falling Over (3:49)

Side B:
1. Bird’s Eye View (15:37)
2. New Day (4:20)
3. The Elevator (2:48)