Kjetil Brandsdal, Thore Warland
Record Players, Percussion and Sound Effects I

RECORD PLAYERS, PERCUSSION AND SOUND EFFECTS I is the second installment in an ongoing LP series on Drid Machine Records. The series features foil stamped Procédé Heliophore covers, similar to Philips’ Prospective 21e Siècle series. The covers are also screen printed by Drid Machine and hand assembled. RPPASE I is co-released with Oslo-based label Hærverk Industrier (Munch, Famlende Forsøk).

Shortly after releasing their first album on Drid Machine (STAVANGER 11/12.6.2021) in March 2022, Kjetil Bransdal & Thore Warland began to record new material. This session introduced a new approach towards their music and resulted in ten shorter and more composed songs. Applying a similar attitude and process to that of library music production, each song is its own discovery with unexpected combinations of subdued aggression, levity and repetition. It's a buffet of fresh and enigmatic soundscapes - hitting you with a multilayered stream of different images.


Formater: Vinyl
22. sep. 2023
Label Drid Machine Records
Katalognr. DMR36
EAN 7090061200061
PPD 150,-
1. Flat Love
2. Neural Suspense
3. Directions and Departure
4. 3-Dimensional Stability
5. Laser Tape
6. Foggy Motion
7. Kiddy Float
8. Downhill Planet
9. Variationi Libresse
10. Esquivellian Incident