Various Artists
Albion's Beautiful Barbarians - New songs for the kindred spirit of Kibbo Kift

Various artists: Albion’s Beautiful Barbarians – New Songs for the Kindred Spirit of Kibbo Kift.

The new release from Norwegian label Café Grössenwahn Grammophon is here, not exactly hot on the heels of Ghostly Whistlings (2017).

Albion’s Beautiful Barbarians is a celebration of the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, an inter-war scouting movement steeped in anti-militarist and utopian ideals and whose aesthetic has been described as “heathen futurism”.

The ten inch record has specially commissioned cover art by Johannes Høie and tracks by Ulver, Jännerwein, Sol Invictus, Blood and Sun, Moineau and Tenhornedbeast.

Insert with liner notes by Annebella Pollen, author of The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift: Intellectual Barbarians (2011) and art by Sverre Malling.

Design, hand lettering and additional illustrations by Antumnos Studio.

Limited to 500 copies.


Formater: Vinyl
09. jun. 2023
Label Café Grössenwahn
Katalognr. GRÖSS02
1. Ulver - The Inauguration of the Kibbo Kift
2. Jännerwein - Auf!
3. Sol Invictus - Children of the Fire
4. Blood and Sun - Woodcraft
5. Moineau - Lied wider die Alte Welt
6. TenHornedBeast - A New Earth Beneath New Heavens