Violate Consensus Reality

The three gentlemen from Mechelen, Belgium now return with a ferocious and muchly anticipated concept album that proclaims the formation of a new world through the acceptance of a new human identity. “We’ve always been interested in religion, spirituality and philosophy,” explains vocalist/guitarist Stefan de Graef about the music of PSYCHONAUT. “We’ve meditated together, had long discussions about the nature of life, and we share a common vision.

Now, with the release of their sophomore album Violate Consensus Reality, the Belgian three-piece take you on a visceral trip into our collective human consciousness. A journey marked by explosive riffs, soaring vocals and intricate yet catchy compositions. An impressive album which cements PSYCHONAUT’s standing as aspirants to the throne of the contemporary European progressive / post metal community.


Formater: Vinyl
28. okt. 2022
Label Pelagic
Katalognr. PEL209V
EAN 4059251501510
PPD 160,-
File under:
Metal  ›  Post-metal
1. A Storm Approaching
2. All Your Gods Have Gone
3. Age of Separation
4. Violate Consensus Reality
5. Hope
6. Interbeing
7. A Pacifist's Guide to Violence
8. Towards the Edge