True Cuckoo
Not Pop

Limited blue vinyl run of Cuckoo's whacky, against-the-grind "Not Pop" album.

Previously only released in YouTube's Music Library for free use on the giant's video platform.

This highly unique and hard to categorise electro-acoustic music production though, deserves its own vinyl release.

This album is not to be fund on any streaming platform!


Formater: Vinyl
03. okt. 2022
Label Birdmusic
Katalognr. CUCKOOALBUM04
PPD 125,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental  ›  Indietronica
Side A
1. This is not idm
2. This is not background music
3. This is not jazz (flute: André Roligheten)
4. This is not funk
5. This is not a dolphin

Side B
6. This is not the end
7. This is not a ballad
8. This is not punk
9. This is not drum and bass
10. This is not effortless