Rat Lord
This Is Not a Record

Rat Lord is a Hardcore Power Violence trio from Bergen, Norway. Featuring members of Blood Command, their music is made to kill. Pretentious black metallers and so-called "art punkers" prepare for war!

Pink vinyl

Formater: Vinyl
22. apr. 2022
Label Fysisk Format
Katalognr. FY164LP
EAN 7041889511730
PPD 125,-
File under:
Punk  ›  D-beat
1. Join Our Cult Or Die!
2. I Am The Whack Blizzards
3. I Take Fun Very Seriously
4. Deathtime
5. In Conspiracy With Spraytan
6. Destroy
7. Runkelheit
8. Jaded
9. De Mysteriis Dom Santana feat Rob Thomas
10. No Mosh, No Fun, No Core, No Friends
11. No Sympathy
12. < 1 000
13. Fra Badested Til Badested
14. There Is Only Death Here To Find
Bonus track: Starvation