Frøkedal & Familien
How We Made It

‘How We Made It’ serves a worthy successor to Frøkedal’s Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut LP of 2016, Hold On Dreamer’, with her cumulative catalogue celebrated by the likes of Pitchfork, The New Yorker, The Fader, The Sunday Times, The Independent, DIY Magazine, CLASH, The Line Of Best Fit, Q Magazine and many more.


Formater: Vinyl
04. mar. 2022
Label Fysisk Format
Katalognr. FY167LP
EAN 7041889511969
PPD 125,-
File under:
Pop/rock  ›  Folk  ›  Indie
1. I Don't Care
2. Cracks
3. Stranger
4. Hybel
5. Paper Tiger
6. David
7. Spinners
8. How We Made It
9. Believe
10. Walls
11. Treehouse
12. You Don't Have To