Koppen lets eat crazyroom

Let'S Eat Crazyroom!! It'S Time To Be Cool Like A Boy

A big fanfare and lots of exclamation-marks for this brilliant album. The album is a funky, bright, in your face(fez?) block of sounds, hilariously funny lyrics, cheesy saxophones, subatomic bass, groovy beats, complete with japanese slang and cutting edge artwork. It’s really some the best popular culture produced at least in the last two thousand years.1. Damn Right!!2. Chimpira3. Bacon4. Ugh! Indians vs. Cowboys5. It’s Fishy6. Sweedish mud7. Hogtie It8. Rick Out the James9. Oschlo Times Ten


30. des. 1899
Katalognr. MEAU 0032
EAN 634479634444
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Electronic & Experimental  ›  Electronica  ›  Hip Hop

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Koppen lets eat crazyroom