Now weve got members repulsive force

Now We'Ve Got Members
Repulsive Force

According to members of the band, this record has a more mysterious and calmer sound than the previous releases: ”This is a dark, disharmonic and repetetive album, with seven long tracks in gloomy folk and prog-surroundings – and sudden bursts of noise from reeds, drums and strings”.Repulsive Force is anchored in melancholy, but aims for sonic relief: both rhythmic and ominous, both danceable and doubtful, both noisy and melodic. Though containing many a reference to archaic folk and blues, this is no retro album. The last half of the the album gives more space to the hypnotic elements that audiences remember from the band’s live performances. On this album Now We’ve Got Members turns down the volume and tempo and goes off for a search after a maelstrom of acoustic sounds that invites the listeners into hidden musical spaces.Buy the record from our storeTracklist:1. [listen] The stars look back2. Continuation3. Recursive4. Until the evening falls5. [listen] Talking of the future6. You have not succeeded7. This is a warning


29. nov. 2009
Katalognr. MEAU0045CD
EAN 7041884524520
PPD 75,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Indie

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Now weve got members repulsive force