Out Here B/W What'S Not There

Wind is a young and very promising power trio from Drammen, who clearly have their roots in 60s psychedelic heavy rock, blues and folk. In their raw, unpolished psychedelic sound, there are obvious references to skilled bands such as Blue Cheer, Quicksilver Messenger Service and other West Coast bands from the San Francisco area in the late 60s. Wind is a fresh band which is not afraid of fuzz, and we at Jansen Plateproduksjon are both happy and proud to present them at such an early and raw stage. Both tracks are recorded the old-fashioned way on an old Tandberg tape recorder, and the band consists of Per Christian Berg, Martin van Houtum and Filip Ramberg, all in their early twenties. The A side is the song “Out Here”, which is an excellent summer tune and a refreshing psychedelic number with cool, flowing sections. Filip Ramberg is the vocalist and guitarist, while Martin van Houtum plays the drums and Per Christian Berg the bass. The B side is the song “What’s Not There”, which is an extremely groovy heavy psych performance with unconventional, far-out vocals. Martin van Houtum sings and plays guitar, while Filip Ramberg plays the drums and Per Christian Berg the bass.

Side A: Out here
Side B: What’s not there


28. jun. 2010
Label Jansen Records
Katalognr. JANSEN004
PPD 30,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Folk  ›  Indie