Take The Curse

I first heard the tracks off "Take The Curse" almost a year ago now when a friend sent me their CDR promo that was circulating at the time, it was such a killer collection of songs that i lent out the disc to another so called friend and never saw the CD or that dude ever again! Finally after nearly a year of waiting i have the album back again and it was worth the wait. Released on the Ritual Productions label, it is due for a official release on April 19th. The CD comes in 2 alternative covers with glossy artwork and the first 200 copies comes with a exclusive limited edition collector's art card set, made especially for this release. What is remarkable about Ramesses is they have become a big influence to a lot of bands but have only ever released one previous full length album which was "Misanthropic Alchemy" released in 2007. They have released a couple of split albums with other bands and a couple of EP's including last years brilliant "Baptism of the Walking Dead". The power doom-trio have a originality that is hard to compare with anyone else which is the band's strongest point and on "Take The Curse", they have taken their sound to the next level of sonic extremes and accessibility.The album starts off with "Iron Crow" and it is immediately clear, Ramesses have gained even more musical powers over the last year or two. The brute force to which this track is delivered is intense with Mark Greening's pulverizing drumming skills are right at the fore-front of the sound. He has been compared to John Bonham for his powerhouse approach and its easy to hear why when you listen to "Iron Crow". Of course it goes without saying Tim Bagshaw's inventive guitar playing is what makes the band so unique, constantly shifting and multi-dimensional, the guy is a master of the doom technique. When it moves into the second track, "Terrasaw" it becomes very diverse with everything from down-trodden doom riffing to progressive rock keyboard sections inserted into the last couple of minutes. "Black Hash Mass" blends in samples from a old Dracula movie but i am not too sure which one it is. These samples mix in well with pounding black metal inspired sections and extremely dark funeral doom passages. The title track "Take The Curse" is up next and its a slow burning occult doom track with a basic but interesting guitar solo work and it creates a overwhelming atmosphere of darkness. "Vinho Dos Mortos" is a short guitar track fused with more old horror movie samples. There is 3 tracks included on this album that was originally put out on the "Baptism Of The Walking Dead EP" and the title track of that EP is the first one to show up here. Its not disappointing that they have decided to include these tracks as that EP was released in extremely limited quantities so its great that these 3 tracks have found a fitting home, better than being lost into obscurity forever.If you have never heard the track "Baptism Of The Walking Dead", you are in for a treat. Its a monster of theatrical inspired doom metal, the riff work is a outstanding example of how to do it and to do it with real passion for the art of doom metal. Another track from that EP follows and its the excellent "Another Skeleton". The most psychedelic track on the album by far, the double tracked vocals work wonders here in creating a horror filled atmosphere. "Hand Of Glory" pushes the band back into a more old-school black metal direction before it all slows down into a monolithic sludge metal section while the following "The Weakening" is classic blackened doom metal complete with church bells, yeah that has been done to death but this is perfectly executed here so who cares anyway. The album ends with "Khali Mist" which is also from last years EP. A moody tribute to the multi-armed goddess of death and destruction, its a fitting way to finish the album. "Take The Curse" is both classic Ramesses and the slightly more accessible version and its a solid, unforgettable slab in the band's career. The band has reached it absolute peak with "Take The Curse" and because of its multi-faceted songs, it will appeal to a wide range of metal fans. The awe-inspiring guitar work, the pulverizing drumming and the vocals of Adam who has a incredible range is essential listening for all the readers out there. Get it. 9.5/10


30. aug. 2010
Label Ritual Productions
Katalognr. RITE 013LP
PPD 279.2,-
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