KSMISK drop three atmospheric techno cuts for their second release on Norway’s PLOINK this August.

Made up of Truls Kvam and Robin Crafoord, the Scandinavian duo are well known under their Trulz & Robin moniker and have released on the likes of Prins Thomas’ labels Full Pupp and Rett | Fletta, not to mention their own imprints Cymasonic and Cymawax.

‘Magma’ is a deep and mesmerising production that continues to evolve as more elements are incorporated, blending crunchy kicks with serene pads and otherworldly effects. ‘Lava’ is a dark and suspenseful number in comparison, establishing a raw hook and ominous nuances at its base whilst sci-fi inspired synths cut in and out of the mix. Finally, an ebbing beatless track titled ‘Tuya’ generates a melancholic aesthetic to conclude the release.

The EP is part of KSMISK’s forthcoming album ‘Mikrometeorittene’, due next February on PLOINK.


01. sep. 2017
Label Ploink
Katalognr. PL019NK
PPD 75,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental
1. Magma
2. Lava
3. Tuya