Christian Tilt
Live Ep

PLOINK regular Christian Tilt drops ‘Live EP’ this April featuring three murky techno cuts and a remix from Gråtone founder +plattform.

Much like PLOINK founder Thomas Urv, Bergen-based producer Christian Tilt is a long-time stalwart of Norway’s techno scene. The pair have been DJing together since the 90s, enthusiastically flying the flag for Norwegian techno whilst also proving themselves as driving forces in pushing it forward.

Echoing stabs and rattling drums introduce ‘Dinner With The Devil’ as ominous elements fade into the mix generating a brooding aesthetic. Heavy atmospherics and a skipping beat then make up ‘Clearly Innocent’ before the intricately produced ‘The Wedding’ combines a cacophony of percussion with sinister drones and twisted effects. Finally, +plattform, who was recently nominated for a Norwegian grammy (“Spellemannprisen”) for his ‘Twelve LP’ on PLOINK, concludes the release with a meandering remix of ‘Dinner With The Devil’ that’s exemplary of his esoteric approach to techno.


25. mai 2018
Label Ploink
Katalognr. PL023NK
EAN 7041889506408
PPD 75,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental
1. Dinner With The Devil
2. Clearly Innocent
3. The Wedding
4. Dinner With The Devil (+plattform Remix)