Black Breath
Sentenced To Life

Southern Lord is proud to unleash the second album from Seattle\'s barbaric wrecking crew that is Black Breath! Sentenced to Life is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the band\'s raging 2010 debut. The new album projects an even more vile, metallic sonic attack than it\'s predecessor with a bit less rock and roll swagger and more full-on crushing death metal rage. This is a product of furious creativity jammed into a short span of time, written in the seemingly endless winter after returning from their November 2010 European tour. The album bears ten thunderous tracks in just under 33 minutes.

Ltd White Vinyl

Formater: Vinyl
26. mar. 2012
Label Southern Lord
Katalognr. LORD 154
EAN 808720015416
PPD 175,-


23. mar. 2012
Label Southern Lord
Katalognr. LORD 154LP
EAN 808720015416
PPD 199.2,-
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