ELITISM A Traavik info sampler

ELITISM - A Traavik.info sampler

Celebrating its musical collaborations through 10 years of spectacular artistic interventions around the globe, Norway-based performing arts collective Traavik.info presents a specially curated EP of previously unreleased material from the likes of Laibach, Årabrot, The Megaphonic Thrift and beyond. Stay tuned for next chapter: POPULISM spring -22.


22. des. 2021
Katalognr. YAP081
EAN 7041889512676
PPD 60,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental
(1 EAST) Laibach - The Final Countdown (Live in Pyongyang, North Korea 2015)

(2 NORTH) The Megaphonic Thrift - Summer is Coming (Galaxevåg Mix)

(3 SOUTH) Aid Aid - Pimp My Aid Worker (YAP Soundsystem Never Cry Mix)

(4 WEST) Årabrot - Children of the Revolution

(5 BONUS TRACK) Pyongyang Gold Stars - Take on Me

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ELITISM A Traavik info sampler