Moon Safari

A cavalcade of analog synthesizers, organs, electric pianos, and processed voices populate Moon Safari, a thoroughly appealing, otherworldly debut album from Air. Where most of their dance contemporaries push the boundaries of trip-hop or jungle, Air blends Euro-dance with new wave. Any futuristic element on their album feels strangely outdated, since they're borrowed from the early '80s, which gives their music an odd, out-of-time feeling. The waves of gurgling synths beneath the spacious, colorful chords and melodies give the impression that the music is floating in space. For all the atmospherics and layers of synths, there's a distinct pop sense to Moon Safari that makes it accessible and damn near irresistible.


16. jan. 1998
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Katalognr. 0724384497811
EAN 724384497811
PPD 135.2,-
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Electronic & Experimental