The Entrance Band
Fuzz Club Session

LA trio The Entrance Band (ft. members of Pixies, A Perfect Circle, QOTSA) are the latest addition to the ‘Fuzz Club Sessions’ series - the warm, analog recording allowing their tripped out blues to shine in all its lysergic glory. As with all Fuzz Club Sessions the album is recorded live and onto 2” tape. The LP is made up of three brand new improvised jams that see their warped groove-ridden psychedelia at its best, as well as a woozy downtempo rendition of The Seeds’ ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’.

These new jams mark a distinct difference from the howling acid-rock numbers seen on previous albums, instead offering a totally hypnotic and dreamy journey through their majestic psychedelic prowess.


31. mar. 2017
Label Fuzz Club
Katalognr. FCS03
EAN 5060467882767
PPD 100,-
1. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
2. Seedless Easy Peeler
3. Thunderstorm in Ladbroke Grove
4. Orange You Glad