Las Cobras

Las Cobras is a duo hailing from Canelones, Uruguay. Despite being a totally new band, forming in the summer of 2016, this album is certain to pin the duo firmly on the radars for psych-heads across the globe. Fully immersed in their Latin roots, their groove-ridden and mystical psychedelia is utterly enthralling - it's a hypnotic journey through warped synths, tropic percussion, lysergic bass-lines, smoky vocals and chiming, fuzzed-out guitars.


19. mai 2017
Label Fuzz Club
Katalognr. FC67V12
EAN 5060467883337
PPD 135,-
1. Al Mas Alla
2. Beating Hard
3. Dark Waves
4. Let’s Get High
5. Nothing Against You
6. Same And Again
7. So Much Love
8. Temporal
9. The Time Has Come