Norwegian Seaweed Society pt.I-II

fucales is ready to release their first album, consisting of their two EPs “Norwegian Seaweed Society Pt. I” and “Norwegian Seaweed Society Pt. II”. The two EPs represent two sonically sides of the band. The first EP is heavier, more destructive and noisier. The second EP is smoother and less aggressive. But all songs on the album have the same lyrical universe in common. It’s dark, focusing on what happens when interpersonal relationships go wrong, and how different perspectives can get blurry. Like on the song “Translate Time” where the I person is coloured by seventeen glasses of wine, or on “Moviestar” where all strangers are considered enemies. All in all, fucales is love for punk, shoegaze, the melody itself, and plain joy of playing live!


Formats: Vinyl
06. Oct 2023
Label Eget Selskap
Cat.no. ES168
PPD 150,-
File under:
A1. Destroy Me
A2. Cream
A3. Silverfish
B2. Moviestar
B3. Translate Time