My Today (International Edition)

Scandinavian neo soul royalty D'Sound's fifth studio album from 2005. This is the International Edition with bonus tracks. The album includes the singles "Green Eyes", "Universally" and "Feel Again", and features duets with Tony Momrelle (Incognito) and German jazz star Till Brönner on vocals and trumpet.


Label daWorks
Cat.no. DACD530
UPC 7090002715302
PPD 75,-
1. Green Eyes
2. My Today
3. Birthday - feat. Tony Momrelle
4. Universally
5. Sadness
6. Feel Again
7. 1,2,3
8. Gaining Back My Faith
9. Murder Me
10. Sigh - feat. Till Brönner
11. Rainy Days
12. As Long As I Sing
13. Strong Heart (bonus track)
14. Daylight (bonus track)
15. Sing (bonus track)
16. Ain't Giving Up [Acoustic Live Session] (bonus track)
17. Smooth Escape [Acoustic Live Session] (bonus track)