Moshi Moshi & The Moist Boys
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Moshi Moshi & The Moist Boys presents "Moist Wanted" - the 3rd full length album from the pysch punk outlaws of Oslo, Norway!

From the dark depths of Oslo’s shady streets, a dirty modern sound has appeared. Moshi Moshi & The Moist Boys new spectacular album “Moist Wanted” has arrived. An album inspired by the 80s hardcore punk, garage rock’s freedom of DIY, and as well as the quirky and somehow psychedelic electronic frontier of new wave and post-punk. All melted together in a pot stirred by the band’s frontman Sebastian Grondke with creative and mental help from his lovely band members. With a main lyrical focus on self-destruction and mindless aggressivity as well a small pinch of 60s psychedelic themes. It all comes together as a 11 song package of a wonderful blend of something the band likes to refer to as ‘’loser music’’.

Sebastian Grondke - Vocal/gitar
Jørgen Stokke - Gitar
Jan-Olav Andersen - Bass/Vocal
Fredrik Staavi Ekern - Gitar/vocal
Jørgen Øksby - Drums
Dino Huskic -Tamburin/perc

Guest artist:
Marcus Cannon- Drums on "Got No Brain"
Eirik Kirkemyr - Drums on "Tripsitter"
Benjamin Aaron - Vocals on "Kill Your Friends"

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sebastian Grondke and Fredrik Staavi Ekern
Moist of the songs were recorded in Moist Tech Studios and in Grondke's room throughout 2022.
Album cover by Magnus Jovik and Hallvard Brunøygard

Instagram: andthemoistboys

Released on cassette tape by Backpack Records