Year Of No Light

When old time friend and promoter Guillaume Gwardeath asked us about creating and performing an original piece for a "to be defined silent film", we said yes, but without having any idea where this project would lead us. Then, after some harsh bargaining, YONL finally started to work on C.T. Dreyer's "Vampyr".


Formats: Vinyl
27. Aug 2021
Label Pelagic PEL164V
UPC 4059251419754
PPD 150,-
File under:
Metal  ›  Post-metal
A1 Générique 2:10
A2 Courtempierre 4:01
A3 Testament 3:57
A4 Ombres 9:30
B1 Meurtre 2:42
B2 Deuil 4:25
B3 Vampire 1:59
B4 Morsure 3:21
B5 Damnée 4:59
C1 Malédiction 2:45
C2 Exsangue 3:39
C3 Saignée/Révélations 4:25
C4 Passages 4:51
D1 Outremonde (Hiérophante) 7:08
D2 Profanation/Rédemption 3:35
D3 Orée (Abbesse) 7:24