Petra Haden, The Lord

Devotional is a new collaborative album with vocalist and violinist Petra Haden, who first worked with Anderson during his time in Goatsnake, as well as on the second SUNN O))) studio album, ØØ Void.

Devotional is a rapturous and heady offering of wordless vocalizations, droning guitars, and heaviness explored in unexpected and intoxicating ways. Inspirations came from deep listening to Indian classical music, as well as a fascinating look at the chaotic and unbelievable life of Ma Anand Sheela and the Rajneesh community.


Formats: Vinyl
21. Oct 2022
Label Southern Lord LORD298
UPC 808720029819
PPD 180,-

LTD White LP

Formats: Vinyl
21. Oct 2022
Label Southern Lord LORD298X
UPC 808720229813
PPD 200,-
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Metal  ›  Post-metal  ›  Pling Plong  ›  Neo Classical
1. Devotional 06:15
2. Rise To Diminish 03:05
3. What Lies Behind Us Lies Buried Because It is Dead 11:53
4. Ma Anand Sheela 04:54
5. Yaman 06:11
6. The End of Absence 08:48