Gold Celeste
The Glow

Seven years after its release, empty shelves and over ten million streams have prompted the reissue of Gold Celeste’s 2015 debut LP The Glow.
The album is a wonderful blend of melancholic lo-fi grandeur coupled with laid-back elegance and lyrics that delve into hope and hate, harmony and tyranny. It shows a gentle twist of sarcasm towards the increasing pacification and ‘fast food culturification’ of modern society, where cheap satisfaction and a lack of depth, insight and true dedication dominate. Their expression draws inspiration from the crispy lo-fi sounds of their peers from the 60s, the eccentrics and adventurers of the 70s and the DIY indie-gazers and dissident hip-hoppers of the 80s and 90s. This is a tropical haven you can bring your culturally and socially alienated friends to.

«The Glow is an album so rich and so resonant that it's impossible not to go back to» - The Line of Best Fit

«(…) a beautifully rendered pop album, recorded and arranged exactly as they, the musicians, would prefer it, rather than what the industry machine dictates. An excellent debut from a band who have benefited greatly from doing things their way.» - soundblab

«They are fresh, they are running with what they know, taking control of their own sound and they are doing it extremely well.» - InvasionMag

«Soaked in hope, positivity, honesty, disgust, humour and lots of love; all with a touch of introvert melancholy, ‘The Glow’ is a record that seeks to explore human beings & the sentient mind.» - Circuit Sweet

Black Vinyl LP

Formats: Vinyl
09. Dec 2022
Label Riot Factory RIOT91
PPD 125,-
File under:
Pop/rock  ›  Psych rock
1. Can of Worms
2. But a Poem
3. Open Your Eyes
4. The Dreamers
5. Grand New Spin
6. Time of Your Life
7. Pastures
8. Is This What You Could Not Do?
9. You and I
10. On The Brink
11. The Start of Something Beautiful