Heart EP

Norwegian grammy award-winning noise rock outfit Årabrot return with a new EP which sees the eclectic duo of Kjetil Nernes and Karin Park leading us right into the band’s heart of hearts. These songs come right off the back of last year’s seminal 'Norwegian Gothic', which was described by main-songwriter Nernes as “an amalgamation of all of our influences,” but also as “a good indication of what to come.”

Where the bands sixteenth studio album effectively marries the past and the future, the 'Heart EP' is most of all about the present. Yes, these are four cover songs of tracks that find their origin in various stages of the band’s career («Children of the Revolution» goes all the way back to the bands first recording session for their debut EP), but they are also a radiant expression of where the band is now, with Nernes and his wife Karin Park as the dual creative spirits and driving forces behind Årabrot.

12" shapedisc EP

Formats: Vinyl
02. Dec 2022
Label Pelagic
Cat.no. PEL200V
UPC 4059251465430
PPD 100,-
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1. Preludium
2. Lightning's Girl
3. Green Fire
4. Children of the Revolution
5. Going Up