Somewhere between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, the rif largely disappeared from mainstream rock & pop. Its transformative power – the rif as a means to transport the listener into another dimension – became an art cherished only in the underground of rock and metal. One of the strong proponents of that transformative power is ASTROSAUR, an overlooked gem in the international heavy psyche rock and post- metal scene. The Norwegian power trio has
been employing the rif as their principal mode of transport since their 2017 debut album Fade In // Space Out. Now, with the release of their third album Portals, ASTROSAUR are sounding more expansive and convincing than ever, delivering an intuitive exploration of the infnite powered by soaring guitars and surging grooves.


Formats: Vinyl
02. Dec 2022
Label Pelagic PEL2010V
UPC 4059251501558
PPD 125,-
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Metal  ›  Post-metal
1. Opening
2. Black Hole Earth
3. The Deluge
4. Reptile Empire
5. Eternal Return