Grandfather of Yucca

The gang that make up Utlandet aren't strangers to exotic rhythms and untamed saxophones. They have been playing parties and filling clubs around Norway for years, and are now readying the concept album Grandfather of Yucca, due in 2023 on Jansen Records.

Having a yucca plant on the windowsill can’t replace traveling to an exciting destination. But still, it allows you to dream, and to wonder how things might be out there in the unknown. That alone is reason enough for Utlandet to pay tribute to this modest, sun-loving and exotic plant that through the ages has learnt to live with us northerners.

Utlandet – the Norwegian word for ‘abroad’ – is a result of a surplus of energy emerging from a collective depression, where learning to appreciate the smaller things became a necessity for self-preservation. As crossing borders became a distant dream, the band members met for weekly rehearsals to – at least musically and mentally – reach new destinations. Accompanied by some good brew, Utlandet tore away from everyday life by creating music from a world filled with voodoo, deserts and tropical heat.

The instrumental ensemble discovered how rewarding it was to be working with melodic structures without having to put words to them and that they preferred an off-key sax to off-key vocals. Adding words to music can limit where the music takes you, as it often becomes more specific, but melody alone has no boundaries and can transport you to any galaxy. So just let go, close your eyes, and go where the groove and melody takes you.

Grandfather of Yucca will be released on Jansen Records, February 10, 2023.

LTD Colored LP

Formats: Vinyl
10. Feb 2023
Label Jansen Records
Cat.no. JANSEN142LP
UPC 7041889513048
PPD 175,-
1. Prologue
2. Grandfather of Yucca
3. It's Not a Palm (It´s an Asparagus)
4. Chabaud

5. Voyage of Growth
6. Palma China
7. Commerce of the Prairies
8. Epilogue