Aiming For Enrike
Empty Airports

Having toured the world and delivered one of the pandemic’s most legendary live streams – including bodybuilders and furniture smashing at the old American embassy in Oslo, Aiming for Enrike started working on new music in 2020.

Now ready with their fifth album Empty Airports, the tunes flourish further through atmospheric expressions, into floating, minimalistic, electronic, and ambient soundscapes.

Empty Airports was composed and recorded in reflection of the quiet Covid19 life during the patience testing lockdown months of 2020 and 2021. Not only is this the duo's longest album ever, but it's also their first double album. The songs are inspired by and belong somewhere between Thom Yorke, Ashra, Nils Frahm, King Crimson in the 80s, John Hopkins and Steve Reich.

The cover art for Empty Airports is the finishing touch that elevates the album to a complete piece of art. Thor Merlin's unique artwork is a generatively designed collage consisting of clippings from 19 digital paintings and 10 images created with shader programming in Sakuhin: an open-source program that Merlin also uses for live coding of visuals for Aiming for Enrike. The album cover's individual images will be available NFTs.

Guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen says: "Minimalism, which has always been an important part of our expression, is now cultivated to a much greater extent. When the rush to fulfill musical expectations is abounded, it gives the music more space to become more hypnotic and mesmerizing than before."

Empty Airports is another fantastic release from the forward-leaning duo, which justifies that Aiming for Enrike lives entirely in their own universe.

Empty Airports will be released on Jansen Records on January 20th, 2023.


Formats: Vinyl
20. Jan 2023
Label Jansen Records JANSEN139LP
UPC 7041889512997
PPD 250,-


20. Jan 2023
Label Jansen Records JANSEN139CD
UPC 7041889513000
PPD 75,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental
Side A:
01 Empty Airports
02 The Rats and The Children

Side B:
03 Feel No Threat/Absent Lovers
04 Slopes

Side C:
05 The Castle
06 Square Machine
07 System 0

Side D:
08 Pulse Fragments