Miracle Of The Sun

After six years since their last album, Shevils is finally back with their unique twist on Norwegian hardcore.

Like their previous two albums, «Miracle Of The Sun» has been critically acclaimed both in and out of Norway, with ratings such as 9/10 from, 5/6 in Metalized, 5/6 in Slavestate, 8,5/10 in Metal Hammer Norway og 5/6 in Scream Magazine. Norways biggest newspaper VG gave the tracks «Black Ace» and «Monsters On TV» a 5/6, and the latter has also been played on Norwegian, Argentine and German radio.

Shevils onstage has a well-earned reputation as an intense and hard-hitting live band. Among bands they have played with are Kvelertak, Shining and Buzzcocks.

The album is produced and mixed by Marcus Forsgren from Jaga Jazzist and Silence The Foe fame. Mastered by Georg Tanderø. Artwork by Chris Faccone and Shelby Cinca (Frodus).

The physical version of «Miracle of the Sun» is now available at your favorite drug store. Printed on swirly, yellow-colored vinyl to match the galactic theme of the Shevils mythos. 250 ex.


Formats: Vinyl
25. Feb 2022
Label N/A DV8003
PPD 100,-
File under:
Punk  ›  Hardcore
1. Black Ace
2. Miracle of the Sun
3. Monsters On TV
4. Scandinavian Death Star
5. No More You
6. Wet Soaking Wet
7. We Failed This World
8. Ride the Flashes
9. Idiot Task Force
10. It Never Ends