Star is way way is Eye

Norna, the new and devastatingly punishing outfit with members from Breach, Ølten and The Old Wind, will release their debut album via Vinter Records February 18th, 2022.

Hailing from the cold north of Sweden and the epic vastness of the Swizz alps, the band consists of Swedish hardcore pioneer Tomas Liljedahl (Breach, The Old Wind) and Swiss underground troopers Christophe Macquat and Marc Theurillat (Ølten). Formed merely a year ago, the three piece is now ready with their debut recording – a thunderous onslaught of bleak, cold and desperate heaviness.

FFO: AMENRA, Neurosis, Primitive Man and all things heavy.

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01 - The Truther
02 - Serpent Spine
03 - Tabula Rasa
04 - The Perfect Dark
05 - ÈCÔNE
06 - Mother Majestic