Frøkedal & Familien
Hold On Dreamer

Frøkedal's debut album ‘Hold On Dreamer’ arrived in a whirl of acclaim in 2016, with Anne Lise Frøkedal emerging an incredibly realized and well-versed debutante, following collaborative stints with successful Norwegian outfits Harrys Gym, I Was A King and Robyn Hitchcock.

In 2017 the album was nominated for a Spellemannpris - Norwegian Grammy - for Best Indie Album of the Year.

"There are echoes of Vashti Bunyan, Nico and early Marianne Faithfull – especially in her lyrics, timeless. Startlingly beautiful” - The Sunday Times


Formats: Vinyl
04. Mar 2022
Label Fysisk Format FY166LP
UPC 7041889511952
PPD 125,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Folk  ›  Indie
1. W.O.Y
2. Cherry Tree
3. The Man Who Isn't Here
4. The Sign
5. Misery
6. Dream
7. Don't Look Back
8. Demented Time
9. Kid
10. Eclipse