Great News
Now and Them

Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News has with their second album, "Now and Them", developed an aural language that breaks through all sonic borders. With churning guitars, sun-soaked psychedelic inflections, and surf-soul garage-rock anthems, the band collectively orbits the kaleidoscopic with each release. Their music is a nod to yesteryear alt-rock jams, but retains the capacity to stirringly cut through today’s often changing soundscape and cultural landscape.


Label Eget Selskap ES110
UPC 7041889509683
PPD 125,-
1. Intro
2. Never Going Back
3. Greedy Little Thing
4. Reality Show
5. Interlude
6. Stranger In The Hallway
7. TV
8. The One Where They Don't Care
9. Restless Eyes
10. Someone Good
11. Speak Your Mind
12. It Stays The Same