Trist Pike
Kjærlighet uten frykt

Trist Pike's second full length record is called "KJÆRLIGHET UTEN FRYKT" (eng. "LOVE WITHOUT FEAR").

As usual we've made a ~33 minute record about the tribulations of experimental attempts at person-being and the pursuit of life-having under the thick hex of late capitalism. We try to "tackle" the difficult subjects like conformist socks color choice, the poor man's worldbuilding, the emotions of legal tender and the theoretical possibility of human interaction without transaction.

Is there consolation in your finely tuned, curated, quirky personality? Can you shut the world out and live in your head? Are there "cheat codes" to life? Can you still "win" the "game" if you refuse to "play"? How much is that doggie in the window, and what's the price of your ostensible autonomy? Answers to these questions and "much more shit like this" can PERHAPS be found inside the record! Then again MAYBE NOT!

Our music still sounds like Black Flag (US) and New Order (UK) and every song on the record is called "NAKEN I PARADIS" (eng. "NAKED IN PARADISE"). Good luck and good night!

Black vinyl

Formats: Vinyl
21. Jan 2022
Label Fysisk Format FY165LP
UPC 7041889511853
PPD 125,-
File under:
Electronic & Experimental
1. Naken i paradis (04:37)
2. Naken i paradis (04:04)
3. Naken i paradis (02:31)
4. Naken i paradis (05:45)
5. Naken i paradis (04:01)
6. Naken i paradis (03:02)
7. Naken i paradis (04:05)
8. Naken i paradis (04:11)