Andreas Røysum Ensemble

It is a great pleasure to present Motvind Records' first double album. One and a half years since its debut album, Andreas Røysum Ensemble returns with a burning follow-up that dig deep and reaches far - a breath-taking 75-minutes of close ensemble playing, howling solos and mysterious undertones. With a fine selection of Scandinavian jazz's young generation of musicians on board, this ship runs at full speed these days.

Audun Vinger portrays the music nicely in his enthusiastic liner notes:

«You can of course associate it with shamanistic, ethereal and, in the Norwegian sense of the word, spiritual jazz throughout music history when you hear the sounds on this album. Eastern inspiration and Ethiopian grooves as well. But there is also something undeniably Norwegian about the band's abstract expressionism, and what sticks in this forehead while listening to Fredsfanatisme is the awakened meeting between abstract modern art and something deeply rooted in Norwegian nature."

Personnel: Henriette Eilertsen - flute; Signe Emmeluth - alto saxophone; Marthe Lea - tenor saxophone; Andreas Røysum - compositions, clarinet, bass clarinet and double bass clarinet; Hans P. Kjorstad - violin; Joel Ring - cello; John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal - double bass; Christian Meaas Svendsen - double bass; Ivar Myrset Asheim - drums and percussion


Formats: Vinyl
Label Motvind Records MOT16LP
PPD 175,-


Label Motvind Records MOT16CD
PPD 75,-
File under:
Pling Plong  ›  Free jazz/ improv
Til Tell Teigen
Hina Hina
Flipp ut
Kvintett (for Leroy Jenkins)
Kvartett (for Joseph Jarman)
Keine LSD Blues
Jakter på Røyskatten