Peter Berry & The Shake Set

The time has now come for Peter Berry & The Shake Set to release their third album, Berry-Go-Round. Since their beginning in 2003, Peter Berry & The Shake Set have been hopelessly lost in early 60s’ beat music, and it is their mission to be a band as they were in those times. This manifests itself in the group’s attitude towards both live performances and recordings. The record has once again been recorded at Toe-Rag Studios in London, with Liam Watson as the producer.

This time around, the difference lies in the stereo production. The recording has been done live, and with the mixing, three days have been spent in the studio. Berry-Go-Round consists of 14 tracks, both instrumental and with vocals, and has a mixture of own compositions and more and less known favorites.

Some of the idea behind the entire band project is to take on a genre which is often dismissed as being somewhat lightweight and weak, and to imagine themselves in settings one dreams of as a fan of such old bands. In this sense, one might say that the project is driven by emotion, romance and daydreaming (however cheesy that may sound), rather than any ambition of or desire to make themselves heard on today’s pop- and rock scene. The band consciously try to steer clear of what characterises their own generation’s approach to 60s music; the unpolished and rough, the early beginning of punk rock and the like.

This is a tribute to some of the artists who perhaps never achieved pioneer status, but still released brilliant records in the pre-Beatle world: Shane Fenton & The Fentones, Heinz, Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers, Mike Berry & The Outlaws, Bobby Angelo & The Tuxedos and many others…

The group consists of Peder Bernhardt (vocals/guitar), Per Øydir (bass), Bjarte Agdestein (guitar) and Thomas Martinsen (drums). The members have each been/are still playing with Kåre & The Cavemen, The Indikation, Mono Lake, Howlin’ Mama, The Cliftones and The Apricot.

The CD is available from Jansen Plateproduksjon and the LP from Soundflat Records.


1 Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck
2 Casanova (It’s Over)
3 A Twosome Triumph
4 You Just Won’t Let Me Know
5 Make Up Your Mind
6 Back To The Start
7 Talos
8 Pretty Good
9 Whole Lotta Lovin’
10 March of the Eagle
11 Come On, Come On, Come On
12 Jenka Train
13 How Much More
14 Jambalaya


24. Jan 2011
Label Jansen Records JANSEN006
PPD 35,-
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