Jim O'Rourke

Another feather in the headdress of avant-rock's leading prolific chieftain Jimbo O, as he takes a cue from some of the many artists he's produced lately (SMOG, STEPHEN PRINA, FAUST, FAHEY, et al), and tries his hand at experimental pop music. Of course it's not like any other pop band you've heard before—that wouldn't be Jim's style, but it does have all the required catchy hooks, pleasant melodies and good-time sounds you demand from your down-time musical diversions. Includes a Bacharach cover that finally puts him on par with folks on the Tzadik label and Elvis Costello.


28. Feb 1999
Label Drag City
Cat.no. DC 162
UPC 781484016212
PPD 175.2,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Folk  ›  Indie