Farao EP

If ever there was a record to turn on the water works, it’s the self-titled EP by Norwegian singer-songwriter, Farao. An exploration of deception, love, lust, mortality and life through candid lyricism and fierce melodies, Farao EP is powerful, back-to-basics songwriting minus the tedium of predictability.

Farao EP is an absolute delight to hear, if only to get lost forever in Jahnsen’s inimitable vocal. It’s stylised, highly melodic music that defies you to simply shrug it off as yet another person armed with a guitar and a voice. Jahnsen is bringing some different into the mix, something quietly arresting and extremely moving, and it’s too hard to ignore.


Formats: Vinyl
07. Feb 2014
Label Street Pulse
Cat.no. RFAC64
UPC 5053105130429
PPD 75,-
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Pop/rock  ›  Indie
1. Tell A Lie
2. Skin
3. The Hours
4. To Sleep Apart