Tales Of Murder And Dust
The Flow In Between

Formed in Aarhus, Denmark in 2007, Tales of Murder and Dust have mutated from the psych-surf debut of Peyote (2009) into a noisy postrock behemoth. Following the critically acclaimed Hallucination of Beauty (2012) album and follow up EP Skeletons Flowers, their new album The Flow In Between sees them lead us down far darker paths.

Forged on a desolate island called Mors, which translates from Latin to “Death”, the isolated location seeped deep into Tales of Murder and Dust’s latest offering. The Danish five piece have produced a bleak but beautiful psych classic with The Flow In Between. The Scandinavian's most expansive release to date, it embraces opiate blues, drone rock, orchestral swathes and New York no wave experimentalism whilst seamlessly drifting from pummelling noise to orchestral fragility. There is a longing melancholia lurking beneath the surface which is deeply raw and affecting making this album to modern psych what Joy Division’s Closer was to the eighties.


23. Mar 2016
Label Fuzz Club
Cat.no. FC46V12
UPC 5060467880145
PPD 100,-
1. Tidal Wave
2. Black Reflection
3. The Devil Is A Poet