Al Lover

Al Lover’s newest Single, “Neuicide!” is an obvious tip of the hat to two ground breaking bands that are ironically revered by today’s nostalgia-drenched underground music scene, German Kraut pioneers "Neu!" and New York Rockabilly Futurists “Suicide”. Taking the influence to an absurdist display of gratitude, Al Channels (through his distorted lens) the locked groove and ethereal synth swaths of Neu! and the bruiting discord of Suicide. Combining them in varying degrees on each song, the result is two freaked out, a tonal sides of the same repetitive coin. Not quite remix, not quite cover version. The outcome of the project lies somewhere between the two as snarky allegory for today’s copy cat “throw back” music culture. What better way to comment on repetition then with repetition. Let the new man kill himself by worshiping the old god.


09. Dec 2016
Label Fuzz Club FC54V10
UPC 5060467882224
PPD 75,-
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1. Neuicide!
2. Neuicide!