Most Intimate

Most Intimate is Nakama’s third release. Their previous albums have been very conceptual, dealing with the relation between sound and silence on Before the Storm and then form as something malleable on Grand Line. Most Intimate is different. It is more personal, more transparent and more.., well, intimate. It offers a close-up on the musicians and how they deal with music in different roles. Because even though the music on this album isn’t conceptual, the structure of it is, and it is hard to talk about the music without talking about the structure.


12. Dec 2016
Label Nakama Records NKM008LP
UPC 7090040250155
PPD 125,-
1. Intimate
2. Dedication I
3. Gratitude I
4. Unification I
5. Dedication II
6. Gratitude II
7. Unification II
8. Total Unification
9. Dedication III
10. Gratitude III
11. Unification III
12. Dedication IV
13. Gratitude IV
14. Unification IV
15. Most Intimate