Andreas Wildhagen
No Right No Left

No Right No Left is the first solo album of drummer Andreas Wildhagen. Recorded in Wildhagen's practice room in late July 2016, it explores different expressions and levels of energy. The music is improvised, still certain ideas can be traced throughout the record.

In order to eliminate right and left, one has to imagine a view which is not rooted in a subject or object. If we lack a reference point, right and left disappears. Right and left, good and bad permeate society, but music itself can step outside of this. This record is 40 minutes of drums moving through different sonic and rhythmic territories. Most of the time it is rhythmic/gestural, often super-imposing two or more tempos at the time.

With a few exceptions, the titles are a play on perspectives (for example "Close-up" and "Bird's Eye"), visualizing the material from different places. This kind of thinking also applies to rhythm and duration. What we perceive as fast may be ultra slow-motion from a different point of view. The music on the record is messing around with this kind of ideas and thinking.


31. Oct 2016
Label Nakama Records NKM006LP
UPC 7090040250117
PPD 125,-
1. Close-up
2. Bird's Eye
3. Not in Any Place in Particular and Thus in All Places at Once
4. Grasshopper
5. No Left
6. Rivers in My Arms
7. South-North