Tanaka/ Lindvall/ WallumrĂžd
3 Pianos

3 pianos is an album made by a unique piano ensemble consisting of three musicians with different backgrounds and experience. The curiosity for the piano and its countless possibilities was the outset whereas the wish to bend the common boundaries for piano music was the background for this project. The ensemble makes music with clear connections to the music and the ideas of the twentieth century. The musicians develop the material in their own way by focusing on elements like tuning, register, intervals and dynamics. The material includes both written compositions and improvised pieces. The trio has a sophisticated way of instant-composing, and this quality reflects both the musicians individuality as well as there orientation towards interplay.


01. Jun 2017
Label Nakama Records
Cat.no. NKM007LP
UPC 7090040250131
PPD 125,-
1. Till Patrick Modiano No. 1
2. 34
3. Till Patrick Modiano No. 2
4. 31
5. Till Patrick Modiano No. 3
6. Romaine Brooks
7. 33