Orange Revival
Black Smoke Rising

Black Smoke Rising is the debut album from Swedish psych wanderers The Orange Revival. Originally self-released by the band back in 2011, Fuzz Club Records are reissuing the LP for the first time since it immediately sold out first time around. With its hypnotic 60s guitars, droning vintage organs and swaggering vocals it’s a tripped out, desert-rock ode to the Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3. Since its release in 2011 the band have toured extensively, playing a run of dates with Spectrum and wooing crowds at Austin Psych Fest along the way, and have ceaselessly confirmed themselves as one of Europe’s leading psychedelic outputs – Fuzz Club are delighted to be bringing their majestic debut to light once more.


17. Mar 2017
Label Fuzz Club FC59V12
UPC 5060467882811
PPD 100,-
1. Yesterday
2. Ever
3. Set Her Free
4. Medistation
5. Composition 14: 39
6. Bring Your Light
7. Don’t Sail Away
8. How Do You Feel