Fuzz Club Session

During a riotous UK tour early last year, Grand Rapids four-piece Heaters spent a day off in a South London studio to lay down a live album – the result is the bands incredible and totally debauched addition the ‘Fuzz Club Session’ series. The LP serves up a total of 5 tracks and each - partnered with the raw, analog recording - is a no-holds-barred slab of hedonistic, tripped-out psych that charges through with a frantic garage-rock gusto and a surfy, reverb-coated swoon.


26. May 2017
Label Fuzz Club
Cat.no. FCS04
UPC 5060467883245
PPD 80,-
1. Levitate Thigh
2. Master Splinter
3. Dune Ripper
4. Cap Gun
5. Hawaiian Holiday