Acid Baby Jesus
Lilac Days

It’s easy to guess Acid Baby Jesus’ shtick just going on their name but to those who aren’t already in the know: don’t be fooled into thinking these are just another quasi-religious, LSD-loving psych-rock band - there’s a reason these Greek garage-rockers have been championed so highly in the European scene. Acid Baby Jesus are less concerned with the spiritual and tripped-out realms that their name foreshadows than they are with pure hip-shaking, rock’n’roll hedonism. After a long three-year wait the Athens four-piece are back with their third album ‘Lilac Days’ – their first on Fuzz Club Records. The LP sees ABJ at their best; their frenetic garage-rock distilling a hazy mix of 60s Western psychedelic pop, traditional Eastern folk and the scuzzy R'n'R sounds of The Stooges or Brian Jonestown Massacre.


13. Oct 2017
Label Fuzz Club FC71V12
UPC 5060467883535
PPD 100,-
1. Lilac Days
2. Faces Of Jesus
3. No Such Thing As Twice
4. Down The Ley Lines
5. Me & Panormita
6. Birth
7. Guide Us In
8. Vile Man
9. Love Has Left My House Today